Word Galaxies

Word Galaxies Tips and Tricks

Part 1: Mastering the Basics

If you're looking to improve your Word Galaxies-fu, you've come to the right place. In this three part article, you'll find tips to mastering Word Galaxies, and earning those high scores.

Part 1: Mastering the Basics, provides basic tips for every player to master. Part 2: Advanced Tips for Speed, focuses on the time-critical nature of Word Galaxies. Finally, Part 3: Expert Tips, is where expert players can find out how to hone their skills even further.

Basic Tip #1: Use the keyboard.

The first step towards Zen mastery of Word Galaxies is to give your clicker finger a rest and levitate those hands to the home position on your keyboard. Instead of clicking those moons, type the letters instead. Even though the letters on screen are capitalized, you don't have to hold the shift key. Lower case keys work just fine.

When you've got the word typed correctly, hit the Enter key with your Zen pinky finger and watch the pretty effects. You'll find you can type about 100 times faster than you can click individual moons with the mouse!

Basic Tip #2: Take a break.

Periodically, you'll have to eat, drink water, or interact with other human beings. As much of a chore as this sounds compared to playing Word Galaxies continuously, you need to give your wrists, eyes, and most of all, your brain, a little rest. We recommend that you take a 5-minute break from Word Galaxies once per hour. Stretch, pet the dog, and put some tea on. Close your eyes for 30 seconds. Once your anagram-power has recharged, dive back into the game full speed ahead!

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