Latest Updates: Word Galaxies and Expert Edition

Updates are now available for both Word Galaxies and Word Galaxies Expert Edition.

Several players reported a totally heinous bug which caused their game to "freeze up" even though they qualified for the next level.

Picture this: You're in the zone, on the 20th level, you've been playing Word Galaxies (or the Expert Edition) for two hours straight. The words are rapidly forming in your mind like never before... and the game freezes! What a downer! Will you ever forgive us?

The good news is that we fixed it and we want to let you know where you can find the latest updates to Word Galaxies and Word Galaxies Expert Edition. Simply download and install the latest Word Galaxies or Expert Edition, and you'll automatically be running the latest updates.

Click Here For Updates

or, download directly by clicking one of the buttons below:


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   The Team at Pucker Up Games

P.S. - Special thanks to Lorna, "D", Willi, and Jill for reporting this bug to us! You help us to make better games!

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