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I. Purchasing, Registration Codes, Billing, Email
II. Mystical Mahjong FAQ
III. Word Galaxies FAQ
IV. Word Galaxies Expert Edition FAQ
V. Mystical Solitaire FAQ
VI. Mystical Sudoku FAQ

Purchasing, Registration Codes, Billing, Email

I lost my registration code!

Use the registration code lookup form to obtain a copy of your registration code, or email our tech support at tech-help@puckerupgames.com.

I just purchased. Now what?

Check your email! Complete instructions may be found here.

How long does it take to purchase?

It takes about 1 minute. It's as simple as selecting your method of payment, entering your payment information, and authorizing the transaction.

Is there a delay after I purchase?

No. There is no delay. You should receive your confirmation email immediately after purchasing -- often within seconds.

What name will appear on my credit card statement?

Your credit card statement will show something like “PLIMUS.COM*PUCKERUPGAMES.COM”. All online payments are made through Plimus, Inc., our authorized online retail reseller.

What do I receive when I purchase?

When you purchase the full version of a game, you will receive your registration code immediately by email. Your registration code consists of eight letters or numbers, separated in the middle by a hyphen. To complete the registration process, simply type the eight-digit code into the popup window when you first start the game. Complete instructions may be found here.

Will I receive anything shipped by mail?

No. Our games are available for immediate download. There are no boxes or CDs to receive.

Mystical Mahjong FAQ

How do I earn more stars or increase my rank?

Stars are awarded based on the time taken to complete the level. You can earn a single star pretty easily by finishing a level in under one hour. Under eight minutes will earn you two stars; five minutes, three stars, and so on. The five-star rank is reserved for experts: those who can complete a level in under three and a half minutes. It takes Zen-like concentration; intense focus while simultaneously focusing on nothing at all. We recommend a cup of strong green tea before attempting such a feat!

Word Galaxies FAQ

How many levels are there in Word Galaxies?

There are 7,973 levels in Word Galaxies. The largest level contains 36 words. If you played each level for the full two (or two and a half) minutes, you would play for a whopping 295 hours!

I earned a new planet, what's this all about?

If you find every word on the level, then you can travel to a new planet. There are fifty planets in toto. If you're a genius, you might be able to earn all fifty planets. It takes some serious stamina, though. Good luck!

What criteria are used to qualify for the next level?

As you travel in space, closer and closer to the planet, the planet can be seen to grow as measured by the green and red scope. The inner red ring on the planet scope shows the size required to qualify for the next level. The more words you find, the faster you travel. When you've made it roughly 70% of your journey, you qualify for the next level.

What does the special effects slider do?

On the options screen, there is a slider labeled "Special Effects". It regulates the number, frequency and intensity of graphic effects used in the game. Drag the slider all the way to the right for high performance computers. If you find that the game does not run smoothly, drag this slider to the left to minimize the number of special effects. The presence of special effects does not alter the difficulty of the game.

Is this game safe for children?

Yes, we removed all the offensive, or otherwise R–rated words.

Would you add a word to your dictionary if I send it to you?

Sure! As long as it's not an obscure scientific term, a transitional or pop culture term, or an awkward production.

For example, we recently added the word LIMN, but had to reject words such as BRACT (obscure botanical term), BLOG (pop culture), and BLEATERS (just downright awkward).

Send us a friendly email with your word suggestion and we'll review it for the next release of Word Galaxies!

My game is frozen and the timer says "0000"!

This a common bug. It has been fixed. Simply download and install the latest release of the game here. (The bug was triggered by closing the window right after you finished a level. The bug could be avoided by using the "Quit" button from the Main Menu when you want to quit, instead of closing the window.)

Word Galaxies Expert Edition FAQ

What is the difference between Word Galaxies and the Expert Edition?

The Expert Edition is more difficult. We've eliminated the 3-letter solutions, increased the length of the anagrams, and increased the size of the dictionary.

Just who the heck are these so-called "Experts", anyhow?

The title word "Expert" doesn't refer to people who have triple Ph.D's from Harvard, Yale, and Temple University, or people who memorized the OED. It simply refers to expert players of the original Word Galaxies game. The original Word Galaxies is, we believe, a great balance of fun and challenge. However, some players requested that we make it more difficult. Rather than risk alienating the many customers of Word Galaxies by altering the difficulty, we decided to release a separate game. If you can get a perfect score on the first 50 or so levels of Word Galaxies, then you should probably consider yourself an "expert" and upgrade to the Expert Edition!

Why don't you use The Real dictionary of English?

We don't want to get into an argument over which dictionary is The Real dictionary. Everyone has their favorite, and so do we. (And we're not tellin'!)

The problem is a little sticky: If we use the entire dictionary of English (whichever dictionary that may be), then nearly all of the anagram puzzles will have under 5 solutions (making the puzzles trivial) or hundreds of solutions (making the puzzles tedious). The remaining puzzles will be formed from uncommon words, and will consist primarily of the same collection of consonants (making them repetitive, and boring).

For example, the word "overspeculating" has over 10,000 anagram solutions. Most of the solutions are formed by prepending or appending various prefixes and suffixes, ad nauseum, to a relatively few stems, until all possible combinations have been exhausted. The task of listing 10,000 words by repetition of prefixes and suffixes does not make a very fun game!

Basically, the more words we add, the less fun the game is. Weird, right? It's due to the fact that English has so many words constructed from so few letters. We think this is a beautiful thing about English, and adds spice to the world of word games.

Note: See the Word Galaxies FAQ as well, since there is considerable overlap in game play between the two editions.

Got a question for us?

Do you have a question for us? Just ask! We're nice. Drop us an email at tech-help@puckerupgames.com, and we'll respond promptly.

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