Mystical Solitaire

Mystical Solitaire!

All of your favorite classic solitaire games in one. Play these timeless games, set in the fantastic woodland backdrop of the Mystical Forest.

In this new twist on a traditional game, the focus is on smooth game play, beautiful visual effects and pleasant music. Mystical Solitaire is quickly becoming the most downloaded solitaire game in the world!

Six games in one!

Klondike The classic Solitaire game.
Freecell The popular, and easy 4-cell game.
Spider The most challenging game there is.
Tri Peaks An unforgetable layout, and speedy game play.
Yukon An interesting vairation on classic solitaire.
Golf Fore! Or should we say, Fun!

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"What truly sets Mystical Solitaire apart is its unique atmosphere." — Game du Jour

System Requirements:

Windows 7/Vista/XP
Pentium 400MHz or better
50MB hard drive space

Mac OS X Lion, Snow Leopard
50MB hard drive space

Pentium 400MHz or better
50MB hard drive space

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