Latest Updates: Word Galaxies and Expert Edition

Updates are now available for both Word Galaxies and Word Galaxies Expert Edition. Several players reported a totally heinous bug which caused their game to "freeze up" even though they qualified for the next level. We fixed it! Hooray for us!

Find out where to get this important update here!

Introducing Mystical Mahjong!

The ancient and mystical Chinese game of Mahjong has challenged players for thousands of years. Now, the creators of Word Galaxies and Mystical Solitaire have brought the classic challenge of traditional Mahjong to your computer.

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Article: Solitaire Glossary of Terms

The game of Solitaire (also known as the game of Patience) has its own cryptic lingo. Many players have been enjoying the game of solitaire since they were children, yet don't know the names of the various components of the game. This article contains a glossary of solitaire terms and their definitions.

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Springtime in the Mystical Forest

Spring is in like a lion, and as the winter snow slowly melts, the streams of the Mystical Forest are running with fresh, clear water...

Learn all about the birth of our latest fantastic game, here.

Announcement: For Experts Only!

You asked for it and we delivered: A special edition of Word Galaxies for experts only, Word Galaxies Expert Edition! Are you up to the challenge?

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Update: Word Galaxies 1.2 Available for Download.

An update to Word Galaxies is now available for download. You may download Word Galaxies Version 1.2 here.

Announcement: Version 1.1 Release!

Just one week after the initial release of Word Galaxies, Pucker Up Games announced a new 1.1 version which contains some added features and fixes some issues on specific operating systems. This comes as a quick response to customer feedback received.

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Article: Word Galaxies Tips and Tricks

If you're looking to improve your Word Galaxies-fu, you've come to the right place. In this three part article, you'll find tips to mastering Word Galaxies, and earning those high scores.

Part 1: Mastering the Basics, provides basic tips for every player to master. Part 2: Advanced Tips for Speed, focuses on the time-critical nature of Word Galaxies. Finally, Part 3: Expert Tips, is where expert players can find out how to hone their skills even further.

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Word Galaxies Launches!

Pucker Up Games is proud to announce the birth of a new era of word games -- the era of Word Galaxies!

The Universe as we know it will no longer be the same. Word Galaxies has raised the galactic bar now and for all time. No word game has ever come close to this level of addictive outer space fun!!!

Now, thousands of word puzzles are scattered across the universe, and it's your job to unscramble the constellations, find the planets, and wrack your brain for every word contained therein.

Who in this Universe will rise to the Word Galaxies challenge?

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A new twist on the traditional Chinese game of Mahjong is now available. Learn more about the exciting new game of Mystical Mahjong, here.

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Learn the lingo of this timeless game, here.

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