Word Galaxies Expert Edition

Word Galaxies Expert Edition!

Hey brainiacs! Is the Word Galaxies Standard Edition too easy for you? Try this game on for size.

Experts around the universe agree that Word Galaxies Expert Edition is an intergalactic blast off for your brain. Following on the stellar success of Word Galaxies Standard Edition, Pucker Up Games is proud to offer a unique challenge for unique minds.

12,000 more word puzzles are scattered across the universe, and it's your job to unscramble the constellations, find the planets, and squeeze your brain for every word you can think of.

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System Requirements:

Windows 7/Vista/XP
Pentium 400MHz or better
50MB hard drive space

Mac OS X Lion, Snow Leopard
50MB hard drive space

Pentium 400MHz or better
50MB hard drive space

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Supported Systems

Mac OS X UniversalDesigned for Windows XPLinux Penguin